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Data Sources

Station List

Station data is compiled from two primary sources: OurAirports and NOAA's Aviation Weather Center. The resulting list includes operating airports, heliports, and standalone weather stations like ocean buoys. AVWX also manages each station's reporting status, i.e. does the airport produce METAR/TAF instead of AWOS/ASOS which are not supported. The list is recompiled about once a month.

If you find any issues with the station data, either email me or submit an edit at OurAirports so it can be included in the next update.

Aviation and Atmospheric Weather


Unless otherwise specified, all aviation reports are sourced from NOAA ADDS based in the United States. While not perfect, it has provided the widest global coverage in a single location for the most important types of aviation weather reports.


NOAA is used as the default provider for METAR and TAF reports, but other regional sources are used if they report faster or more accurate updates.

If you would like to see a regional source added to this list, email me with the source and any conflicting reports you may have encountered using AVWX.