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HTTP Codes

Here is a list of all supported HTTP status codes. Many non-200 responses include a sample response for development purposes, but it will always be in a "sample" field as to not conflict with successful fulfillment workflows.

200 Success

Normal success response for the requested resource.

204 No Data

This occurs when the data source doesn't return a report for the requested station or the station is known to not submit reports to the data source. This second field is usually static, so subsequent calls will also return a 204 code.

400 Client Error

Most 400 client errors are due to invalid URL parameters or unknown ICAO codes. AVWX only accepts 4-character ICAO codes of currently operating stations. Closed airports, IATA codes, and non-ICAO GPS codes are not recognized.

You may also receive this if no report is found from the data sources and nothing is available in the cache.

401 Missing Authorization

The endpoint requires authorization to access. Be sure to include your API token in the request header or as a URL parameter.

403 Unauthorized

The API token was rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • Token value could not be found
  • Token has been disabled by the user or admin
  • User's plan type does not have access to the requested resource

429 Too Many Requests

The user's account or token has hit it's daily call limit. You can view your recent usage from the account portal. If you need to increase your call limit, you can upgrade your plan or opt-in to overage billing.

500 Unknown Server Error

Error representing a code error not handled by any other HTTP code. Bug reports are automatically submitted for review. Subsequent retries are likely to fail.

502 Cannot Connect to Data Source

There was an issue fetching a report from the data source. This is usually a temporary issue and retries can be made shortly after.

503 Server Rebooting

The server is being updated and the request has been cancelled. Retry your connection immediately for the request to be queued.